Monday, May 2, 2016


(KJV.)  ACTS 4:13-14

(13)  Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men,  they marvelled;  and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus.
(14)  And beholding the man which was healed standing with them, they could say nothing against it.


Brethren, when we receive Holy Ghost anointings,  the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit, our dead spirits become alive in Jesus Christ; anything that is alive has life and in opposition to death; our old selves were crucified with him, and through processes of awakenings from darkness into marvellous lights of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, our sinful natures, were forcefully defeated, that, going forward in his body, we should not walk again in ungodliness but in his righteousness.

If believers were resurrected from world of darkness into marvellous lights, anointed, empowered by the same spirit which resurrected Jesus Christ from the dead, then, we can do all things through his strength, within our innermost spirits, same ways as Jesus did during his ministration on earth, still doing through believers, will do much more for future generations;  therefore, as believers, we are fully equipped to perform miracles, signs, and wonders in the name of Jesus Christ;  let us not be timid Christians, rather be bold and brave, declare and decree positivities unto this earth, lives of humanity, the power of Jesus Christ is already within our innermost spirits waiting for awakens, to manifest wonders of Jesus Christ;  let us have faith, that our words are powerful from the source of power within our innermost spirits, though we have the resource to do all things, without faith it is impossible to manifest words into physicalities, but with faith all things are possible to believers.

Case in point, there was a certain man, who brought his lunatic son to Jesus disciples, they could not cure him, why?, because of lack of faith, Jesus rebuked the devil, he departed out of him, the child was made whole, the disciples came to Jesus secretly, asked him why they could not cast him out?, what did Jesus say unto them?,  Jesus said, because of your unbelief:...(Matthew 17:14-20); therefore, let us believe in Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit within our innermost spirits, his presence, powerful capabilities, utilize, maximize faith with works, to manifest words in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, the name above all names forevermore.

In this chapter of the above text, Peter and John was arrested because they performed miracles, healed an impotent man in the name of Jesus, when summoned, questioned by their persecutors, by what power, or name, have they done this?, Peter filled with the Holy Ghost, answered them boldly, (Acts 4:9-12); when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, understood that they were uneducated, ill-mannered men, wondered at their wisdom, became aware, acknowledge facts that they were Jesus Christ disciples, when they saw the healed impotent man standing with them, they could not allege them, but held a meeting to decide on what to do, after the meeting, threatened them not to speak any longer to any man in the name of Jesus: refer to Peter's answer to them, verses 19-20: their threatens could not hold any water, they could not punish them for that reason, but set them free;  until present times, though enemies warm believers not to speak in the name of Jesus, their threatens has not worked, the more they persecute believers over the world, the more the name of Jesus spreads abroad;  therefore, no human can overshadow the glory of our Father through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior in this world or any believers' life;  therefore, let us fear no foes in this world, speak up, when necessary, defend our faith, who we are in Jesus, he got our backbone, walk in his victory regardless, until we meet with him in his firmament of glory, to dwell with him in life everlasting.


Dearly beloved, this text is an encouragement to believers to have faith in what they believe, stand up for what they believe, regardless of what enemies do, uphold the glory of Jesus Christ, declare, decree blessings, healings, victories, etc., through the name of Jesus upon humanity;  today, have we positively mentioned the name of Jesus?,  if not, let us endeavor to do so, pray in his name for love ones, governmental heads, people in higher authorities, persecutions, establishment of Christ, humanity as an entity, and for the peace of this world forever and evermore.  Amen and Amen!


(KJV,)  Matthew 11:25  At that time Jesus answered and said,  I thank thee,  O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because  thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes,