Friday, June 16, 2017


(KJV.)  ST. LUKE 21:17-19

(17)  And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake.
(18)  But there shall not a hair of your head perish.
(19)  In your patience possess ye your souls.


Brethren, towards the end of Jesus Christ's mission, he advised his disciples to take courage and persevere, not to be afraid of persecutions no matter what adversaries would bring along their pathways of faith after his trials, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension into heaven;  he gave them a long speech to strengthen their faith in him, that regardless of what enemies will do negatively against them, it shall turn to them a testimony, advancements, promotions, favors, and blessings;  for he will turn all their sufferings and reproaches into his goodness and mercies that endure forevermore;  therefore, believers, our enemies are working tirelessly on our behalves to accelerate our blessings, favors of the Lord, let us not take their negative connotations, remarks negatively, but rather take them on, positively;  for the battle is the Lords, and he will recompense.

In the above text, Jesus said, "And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake.";  therefore, believers shall be hated of all men, not just one person, but all that are not of the faith, why? may be because they have no knowledge of what transpires in a believer's life that they testify about Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior; secondly, 'all men' includes the men of faith; at times spirit of hatreds operates within the congregations, as a result, brothers against brothers, sisters against sisters, there are divisions within the body of Christ itself;  this should not be so!  the question is, how can we save souls for eternity when we strive so much against one another?  let us ponder on this question, for we are all guilty of one thing or the another, we can all make a difference by changing our perceptions on what our callings really entails, from my point of view, we ought to work for Jesus, not ourselves, love one another as ourselves; together we stand, divided we fall: again Jesus 'said for my name's sake.';  therefore, if we are hated as believers, it is because of his glory upon our lives, who we are in him, and his spirit within us;  however, Jesus promised believers that nothing will harm them. cf. 1 Peter 3:13;  therefore, hold on to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, and our integrities, be patient with one another, loyalty to him;  if we serve him wholeheartedly, he faithfully rewards believers here on earth and in life everlasting:  therefore, let us hold on to our faith, and never give up!


Dearly beloved, enemies today may be friends in need tomorrow,  therefore, let us be careful not be belittle people, whenever we pull others down with negative words or evil doings, unwaveringly, we go down with them as well;  therefore, do unto others as you wish others to do unto you. Luke 6:31; most importantly, the earth rotates around the sun, consequently, whatever we do to others, eventually will come around to settle upon our lives;  therefore, never wish evil upon people, but rather good, for the Lord changes reproaches into his blessings, cf. Deut. 23:5;  beware!, there are angels on assignments around the clock in heavenly places recording the affairs of all souls on earth;  therefore, let us mind our works, they are being recorded for future references before the throne of judgment; it is better to pray for our enemies, and allow Jesus to recompense;  for he prayed for his enemies on the cross, cf. Luke 23:34; and when he resurrected, ascended into heaven, he was made the ruler of all things of heaven and the earth;  therefore, never pay evil for evil, but rather good for evil; continue to serve Jesus, avoid distractions of the enemy, persevere, forbear all things, and finish the course.  Peace be unto you!  Amen and Amen!


(KJV.)  Proverbs 10::12  Hatred stirreth up strifes:  but love covereth all sins.