Monday, January 9, 2017


Romans 10:9:

(KJV.)  ST. LUKE 2:48-49

(48)  And when they saw him, they were amazed:  and his mother said unto him,  Son,  why hast thou thus dealt with us?  behold, thy father and I have sought thee sorrowing.
(49)  And he said unto them,  How is that ye sought me?  wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?


Brethren, as Jesus begins to grow up, the divine character of his divinity began to surface, but his parents did not discern who he really is;  when he was twelve years old, they took him to the temple at Jerusalem for the feast of Passover, after the feast was over, he stayed behind in Jerusalem, however, because of the multitude, his parents assumed that he was with them, and did not realise his absence until they were a day's journey away from Jerusalem, and crowd subsided, when they found him not, they returned to Jerusalem in other to seek him:  many years ago, a friend of mine, took her son to the department store, while she busily shopped, and paid no attention to him, the boy walked out of the store, went to the parking lot, and sat upon the trunk of her car;  after few minutes, she called out to him in the store, after security searched the entire store, the boy was nowhere to be found;  hold on right there!  Can you image how she felt for the loss of her child over few things, and because of our her own negligence?  If we step into her shoes, feel the way she felt, we can resonate with how the parents of Jesus felt when they realized that he was not with them on the journey back home.

In conclusion of the above narrative, surprisingly, someone coming into the store found the boy sitting on the trunk of a car parked at the lot, it was her son, waiting patiently for her to come out of the store, so they can go home;  when she finally found him outside, she was so thankful to our Father that she did not return to the store to complete her shopping, but happily drove away with her son:  friends, there are couple of lessons to learn from this story;  first of all, those of us who have younger children, if we have an agenda to perform that requires stringent focus, let us find time to work on the project alone without interferences;  secondly,  let us be mindful of our kids what they do, whether in-house or out-house, carefully watch over their daily affairs, no matter how busy our schedules may be, let us be concern with what they do, who they associate with, their circle of friends, what they watch, lyrics they listen to, endeavor to raise them up with godly attributes;  there is a saying, "show me your friends, and I will show you your character.";  therefore, teach, reprove, counsel, minister, and applause them with love when necessary, never assume that they know what to do, though that is what they say many times over.

Back to the above text, when the parents of Jesus found him back in Jerusalem;  he said unto them,  How is that ye sought me?  wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?  In other words, why do you look for me?  don't you know that I should work for my Father?  Jesus's answer to his parents sounded like what a youth teen would say to his parents; certainly, the light bulb of adulthood goes up around that age, when kids began to realize who they are, and what interests them, and at times they get carried away a little bit, in this case, Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem, sat among the elders, to enjoy the question and answer forum with the scribes of the temple, inadvertently, he forget to notify his parents of where to locate him:  as his parents worried about him, he was not concern at all;  rather, when they found him, he stated his point clear that he was doing his Father's business:  if we have teens, we will resonate with Jesus response to his parents;  at times, when we worry about where they are, what is going on with them, and text several times, make phone calls, and finally get through to talk with them, they do not realise why we are so agitated, worry about:  but such is life:  when Jesus found his purpose, to do his Father's will;  he established himself right away;  today, if we have found our purpose in life, let us not delay ourselves, but embrace our callings, move forward, and work the works of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, be established in his grace forever and evermore.  Amen and Amen!


(KJV.)  St. John 4:34  Jesus saith unto them,  My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work.