Saturday, June 4, 2016


Amen. Love this and I love Jesus.:


(25)  Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with  his neighbour:  for we are members one of another.


Brethren, humanity as an entity, conforms to habits of making up narratives to cover up narratives; we deviate from truthfulness of matters, not conform to actual states of realities, factually correct, legitimate statements to events that we have witnessed, whether physically or spiritually:  at times, we justify wrong doings with lies, and are not truthful to ourselves:  situations whereby we ought to come out clean, clear and truthful with one another; we portray what is unbelievable, make it look believable; anytime we are caught up in certain situations whereby we have to prove to others, how we got into those situations, relate events pertaining to what happened, we come up with narratives upon narratives, to justify or not to justify, support ourselves or for others;  many times, we have to summon witnesses to take positions to testify of matters, in other to justify point of views, execute judgments of truths:  from the old testament to the new testament books, we read about how people of our Father told lies to cover up themselves;  for example, in the book of Genesis 4:9; Cain killed his brother Abel in the garden of Eden, when our Father asked him, where is Abel his brother, Cain replied, "Am I my brother's keeper?, Cain lied to our Father, though he knew that he already killed Abel his brother, buried him under the dust of the ground: Abraham lied to Abimelech king of Gerar that Sarah his wife was his sister, because he was afraid that he will lose his own life over her, refer to book of Genesis 20:2;  Jacob lied to his father Isaac, wore skins of baby goats upon his hands and neck, deceived their father Isaac, stole his brother Esau's blessings, refer to book of Genesis 27:19: when Jesus said to the woman of Samaria, go call thy husband and come with him, she lied to Jesus, saying, I have no husband, whereas, she had five husbands, and still committing adultery; refer to book of St. John 4:16-19;  Peter the apostle of Jesus Christ lied to the authorities, when Jesus was arrested for trails, denied him saying; "I know not the man.", refer to Matthew 26:74;  etc.;  from generations to generations, humanity have lied one way or the other to proven itself in this world; what apostle Paul is saying to believers in the above text is to speak truthful words to one another; regardless of circumstances we find ourselves, whether negative or positive situations; for truly, we are all from one Father, members of one body of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior;  also, if we have to testify under oath, let us tell truthfulness of matters, exactly how things happened, nothing else but the truth, persistently justify the truth to points of death, have clear conscience after we might have spoken the truth of what really happened and live peaceably with one another forevermore.    

Truthfulness matters in this world of darkness;  when we speak truthfully, it a sign that we possess godly attributes of our Father;  therefore, let us be truthful to one another:  to be a truthful person, is to be genuine, acknowledge facts of matters the way they really are, not overlying situations, but tell things like the way they really are, the reality aspects of things, genuine facts:  though, we may all have one point and time of our lives told lies to cover up, in an attempt to deliver ourselves when caught up in wrongful situations, or to testify for others who maybe in trail situations; regardless of how we deviate from speaking truthfulness of matters: a lie is a deception, an infiltration spirit, not a truthful, righteous spirit, and we all know who the master of deception is, the enemy of our souls; therefore, let us not get entangled up in his deception spirits to lie to one another, but rather speak truthfulness of matters to one another at all times; for anytime we lie, at that particular moment of lying to prove whatever reasons we have to lie, we allow infiltration spirits access to our mindsets into hearts, act negatively against the will of our Father, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior: therefore, let us resist lying spirits, the devil, and his infiltrations spirits, occupy our minds with the scriptures, sing songs of praises to our Father; infiltration spirits will flee away in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior forever and evermore.  Amen and Amen!

Quote of the Day:

(KJV,)  Colossians 3:9  Lie not one to another, seeing that ye have put off the old man with his deeds;